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"Safety and security don't just happen.


the most vulnerable citizens in our society,




Did you know that thousands of parents are ordered to hand their children over to proven abusers again and again, and being ordered to co-parent with individuals who later harm or even kill their own children?

It's oversights like this in our legislative system that have inspired me to become an advocate for women and children.

Why I Advocate for Women & Children

In addition to offering my services as a divorce coach, I also work to be the voice for women and children who cannot represent themselves.

I believe our legal system should be used as a tool to easily and quickly protect women and children from physical and sexual violence. Unfortunately, our current legislation does not offer the level of protection required to keep vulnerable individuals safe.

Working as an advocate, I take a closer look at the existing legislation and identify where it can be stronger, and work for the vulnerable, instead of leaving them more exposed.  

Personal Experience

My experience with an ex-husband who was convicted of sexually abusing one of my daughters and then later repeatedly allowed to spend time alone with our other two daughters, that drove me to become an unapologetic, outspoken advocate for women and children.

Today, I strive to use my voice to shine a spotlight on legislative gaps, pushing for child safety led legislation to become a priority nationwide.  My goal is to put an end to systematic abuse of already traumatized families, and to provide children with the safe environments that all human beings have a right to.

My Expertise

As an advocate, I work alongside multiple advocacy groups, legislators, and victims to bring awareness to domestic violence and child sexual abuse.  I also work as a child safety advocate on my local Family Violence Coordinating Council and was a panelist on the "Allen v Farrow" panel series.  I am a certified High Conflict Divorce Coach and Victim Advocate and a board member of Family Court Awareness Month.  I've had the privilege of collaborating with like-minded Maryland state officials and policymakers on legislative reform, and provided written testimony to the United States Senate.  

How I Can Help You

Working within the advocacy space is complex, and it requires insights that often come only through hands-on experience.  

In addition to working on legislative change, I also offer my services through a variety of methods for collaboration.  This includes, writing, speaking, and networking on a larger scale to promote widespread change.

Do you have a project you'd like to collaborate with me on?  If so, please reach out via email at:

I can't wait to advocate for real change, together.

Get To Know Me

Want to get to know more about my past advocacy work?  Please check out my work below, along with my petition.

Senator Bailey, Jaymi Sterling

Here is a great place for a text description about the case details and advocacy work involved.

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A Maryland mom is back at it in Annapolis at the State House next week working to create tougher penalties for child sex abusers.

Annie Kenny is fighting to pass the Sex Offender - Lifetime Supervision bill.

The 2021 versions are HB531 and SB333.

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There’s this place around the corner from you, seemingly insignificant, but it hosts a house of horrors. It’s a place where the same therapists, medical providers and teachers who are legally required to report suspected child abuse are not allowed to save a child before more abuse occurs. Where truth is obsolete, and right and wrong don’t matter.

It’s called family court. And I’ve been tr...

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