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Your Secret Weapon in High Conflict Divorce

It’s no secret that divorce is messy. At best, it’s painful and exhausting. Adding a highly litigious or abusive spouse to the equation only adds to the trauma. Unfortunately, this stress negatively affects our emotions, leading to reduced critical thinking and increasing the chances of making mistakes with long-term consequences. Worse still, there are limited resources and support agencies available to help women dealing with high conflict divorce, especially with an abusive ex-spouse.

As your certified High Conflict Divorce Coach, I work to create a lifeline when you feel like you're drowning during the divorce process. Step-by-step, you and I work together through each complex challenge that shows up in your divorce journey. When you're up against a high-conflict personality or abusive ex-spouse, you need someone you can trust on your side.  Working with me, you get a partner who solely has your best interest at heart.

Whether you are in the midst of intense conflict from your ex-spouse, trying to escape domestic violence, or are attempting to safely remove your children from an unsafe or abusive environment, I can help.  Even individuals navigating less complicated divorces are sometimes in need of the support and clarity a coach can provide.

What Is Divorce Coaching?

The American Bar Association defines divorce coaching as a flexible, goal-oriented process that motivates, supports, and guides people through their divorce.  The desired outcome is to help clients like you make better decisions for their future based on their unique needs, concerns, and priorities.  

As a certified high-conflict divorce coach I offer:

  • Non-legal support through divorce and custody cases

  • A clear, compassionate, rational view of your situation

  • Strategic advice on your next steps

  • Guidance on the legal system and family court system

  • Expertise in victim advocacy and rights

  • Collaboration with your legal team

  • Help with creating a future-focused, goal-oriented plan

  • A lifeline when you need it most

Put simply, my role is to help you make the best decisions for you and your children during a stressful and confusing time. Even when things feel hopeless, there is light.  Together, we will navigate this difficult path towards the best possible outcome for your family. 

Why I Became a Divorce Coach

I have personally walked through the exhaustive family court process.  In 2017, my now ex-husband was convicted of abusing one of my daughters, and despite his conviction and registered sex-offender status, I still spent years battling in family court to protect my other two daughters.

Today, my daughters and I are finally free from my ex-husband and family court, but I haven't forgotten the trauma along the way, navigating the process alone.  I understand how scary, exhausting, and frustrating family court can be, especially in scenarios where safety is of serious concern.

As your divorce coach, I provide non-legal support and work alongside your professional team to provide clarity and give you the opportunity to move forward through your divorce process in the most realistic and efficient way.

I do this in several ways...

Step-by-Step Guidance

By creating a future-focused, goal-oriented plan, I help my clients bridge the gap between where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

Realistic Strategizing

All too often, your normal support team, your family and other loved ones, aren't able to give practical guidance and feedback.  Their focus is on what they consider fair to you, rather than the reality of the family court system and the obstacles you are truly dealing with.  I can help you determine how to best focus your efforts and come up with logical strategies to help you navigate this process and prioritize your goals.

Compassionate Support

You deserve compassion now more than ever.  As your divorce coach, that's precisely what I offer you.  Being there for you when you need to discuss your divorce plan is my number one focus.

Book Your Free Consultation Now

No matter where you are on your divorce journey or ongoing custody battle, support is available.

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and together we can work to get you your life back.

Additional package options available, depending on your individual needs.

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