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Advocating for children, victims, and individuals navigating the family court system

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Going through a divorce is overwhelming and frustrating. It can take a huge toll on your emotional and psychological footing, taking years to recover. Add to the mix a high conflict divorce with a litigious or abusive spouse, and the whole process can be traumatic and seem never ending.

My name is Annie Kenny, and I am a certified High Conflict Divorce Coach. I support and guide women through the complex and painful process of divorce. I also assist women who have been victims of domestic violence, and support them with their advocacy to protect their children who are stuck in abusive situations.

My role as your divorce coach is to support you through the complexities and painful process that accompanies divorce.  You don't need to walk alone, spin your wheels, or burn yourself out emotionally and psychologically.

Together, you and I can create an action plan that protects you and your children from abusive situations.  I see you, I hear you, and I am ready to walk with you.


Annie Kenny

I Want to Be Your Divorce Coach & Advocate

Divorce Coaching

During the divorce process, you need an advocate on your side.  Someone who can strategize before your next big meeting, hearing, or even just navigating communication with your ex-spouse.  While I am not a lawyer or a therapist, I am able to offer you another layer of support that helps you avoid additional costly legal fees, and still ensures you aren't making important and overwhelming decisions alone.  


Advocacy Support

As a Certified Victim Advocate, I have spent years working with countless advocacy groups, legislators, and survivors to drive awareness about domestic violence and child sexual abuse.  Your safety, mental and emotional health, and that of your children are important to me.  As an advocate, I work tirelessly to fight and protect women and children from their abusers, and reform a legal system that too often prioritizes abuser "rights" over child safety.

I founded Bloom Consulting Solutions, LLC because I wanted to empower women to navigate the process with confidence and assurance, knowing that there is real support along the way.  Whether you are going through a divorce or custody battle and in need of a divorce coach, or you are looking to work with an advocate to inspire change on a broader level, I am ready to work with you.

Let's change the tides of your divorce.

Let's create a future you and your children can thrive in.

Let's get started.


Annie Kenny is a graduate of my divorce coach certification program but she is also one of my personal heroes. Annie's advocacy journey is inspirational to those of us fighting for change in the family court system and she is a trailblazer, lighting the way for those who follow in her footsteps. She will be an amazing resource to those who find themselves fighting to protect their children. It was an honor to have her in the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program and I look forward to cheering her on in her advocacy work.

Tina Swithin, CEO/Founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program

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