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Compassionate Divorce Coaching for High-Conflict Divorces

Victim & Child Safety Advocacy

You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone

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Divorcing an abusive, unstable or high-conflict partner?

Feeling triggered when you interact with your ex?

Trying to protect the wellbeing of your children—and yourself?

Dealing with conflicting advice from family and friends?

Finding it hard to express yourself clearly and calmly?

Feel like your divorce attorney doesn’t understand?

Terrified of testifying in court?


Divorce in general is painful, but divorcing a difficult or abusive partner isn’t like any normal separation. The people around you—family, friends, and lawyers—don’t always "get it".  It can be difficult to understand your pain, fear, and trauma, or just the plain confusion of it all. Outsiders can struggle to wrap their heads around your genuine, justified fears about what your ex-spouse will say or do next.


So how do you handle it all? How do you navigate a complex legal process, untangle those confused knots of feelings—and come out of your divorce with your wellbeing, sanity, and finances intact?

Book a Divorce Coaching Consultation

Having A Divorce Coach on Your Side Changes Everything

That’s where divorce coaching comes in. As a Divorce Coach and Advocate specializing in high-conflict separation, I will walk with you every step of the way. I’m not a lawyer or a therapist, but I am a Certified Victim Advocate with extensive experience assisting individuals through the complex process of divorce. I’ve spent years working to protect the rights of women and children and gained an in-depth understanding of the divorce and custody system.


Maybe your ex-spouse is a high conflict individual. Maybe you’re trying to escape domestic abuse. Maybe you’re worried about the safety of your children. Whatever your situation, I’m here to give you strength, support, and guidance on both a practical and personal level.


I’ll help you through this painful bewildering transition—and into the new life and fresh start that you deserve.


Annie Kenny, Divorce Coach and Victim Advocate

Certified Expert in Supporting the Rights of Women in Children

As a coach, advocate, author, speaker, and consultant, I’ve devoted my life to helping women protect themselves and their children. This includes safeguarding themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, legally, and financially from high-conflict or abusive spouses.


You don’t have to feel that your situation is ‘abusive’ to need support. If your divorce is causing you emotional distress, or you feel lost, a strategic partner can help you find your way.

I offer two key services to women dealing with high-conflict divorces:

Empower Yourself with a Compassionate Divorce Coach

If you’re going through a difficult separation, then a good lawyer matters for the legal side of things—but a coach adds an extra, essential layer of support.


I can help you to navigate a complex divorce system, think strategically even when you’re feeling at your lowest, and prioritize your goals, no matter how difficult your ex is being. I can also help you to avoid extra costly legal fees that can pile up when you’re feeling vulnerable—and support you in making decisions that might seem totally overwhelming.


My divorce coaching services include:

  • Supporting you in safeguarding your children

  • Helping you manage communications with your ex-spouse

  • Preparing for attorney consults and meetings

  • Preparing for evaluations, mediation, and court hearings

  • Advising you on keeping costs down.

Get Expert Victim Advocacy Support

I am a Certified Victim Advocate who has gained with years of hands on experience working with advocacy groups, legislators, and survivors in the field of domestic violence and child sexual abuse. I’m actively working to reform a legal system that too often prioritizes abuser "rights" over child safety. I care about protecting your family's safety and wellbeing, and will fight hard in your corner hard as your advocate.


I’ve made it my mission to speak out about the rights of women and children, including as the Board President of Family Court Awareness Month and co-author of Stop the Silence: Thriving After Child Sexual Abuse. 


As an outspoken activist on child safety and family court reform, I have provided written testimony to the U.S. Senate and had op-eds featured in publications like The Washington Post. Additionally, I have served on my local Family Violence Coordinating Council, as a panelist on the Allen v Farrow panel series, and as a member of the National Safe Parents Coalition. I have also collaborated with Maryland state officials and policymakers on legislative reform.


Annie Kenny is a graduate of my divorce coach certification program but she is also one of my personal heroes. Annie's advocacy journey is inspirational to those of us fighting for change in the family court system and she is a trailblazer, lighting the way for those who follow in her footsteps. She will be an amazing resource to those who find themselves fighting to protect their children. It was an honor to have her in the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program and I look forward to cheering her on in her advocacy work.

Tina Swithin, CEO/Founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program

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